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People say words alone can't change the World.
The words from this poem may make you remember,
Someone from your past.
They may make you feel sad, but once the hurt comes out,
You will feel the love you are given with each word.
The ones we have lost never leave us,
Our heart holds them forever.
The love you feel is the way itís meant to be.
So if these words can make you feel even a little bit better.
I guess they have done their job like they did for me.
I guess words really can help change the World.
As I sit here thinking of the days gone by.
I begin to shake and I begin to cry.
I remember a special gift my mother gave to me.
How it went right to my heart where it was meant to be.
Oh it wasn't made of diamonds or it wasn't made of gold.
Oh it wasn't made of paper and it wasn't really old.
You see it had no value to any one but me.
Though it really helped to set me free.
Oh I remember that special gift as though I got it yesterday.
How she made sure I had it before she passed away.
You see her days were numbered and the end was near.
Though I never told anybody I was full of fear.
For I knew my mom was dying and there was nothing I could do.
I had seen all the pain and suffering that she had to go through.
I remember thinking why couldn't it be me.
For everybody loved her but no one cared for me.
Then one day it happened, to the hospital she did go.
The ambulance came and got her but it seemed really slow.
That night the doctor told us there was nothing he could do.
At the most she had left a day or maybe two.
The next day I went to see her in her hospital bed.
That is when to my younger brother she lovingly said.
Please let your older brother kiss me good-bye last.
For you have always gotten it in the days that past.
Then I bent and kissed her and the fear inside did go.
For I knew shed always love me that kiss had told me so.
You see it wasn't made of diamonds or it wasn't made of gold.
But it had more value than anything that is sold.
That night as I lay thinking of that special kiss we shared.
I knew deep in my heart just how much she really cared.
At that very moment I looked into the sky.
There was a new star shinning my mother said good-bye.
Love You Forever Mom
BY Roger Crowder